You can call me Thea.

A Case For Creativity
A research project on the lack of emphasis on creative discovery and exploratory thinking in the American education system (and in life) and how that lack effects cognitive development.
Innovators Pop-Up Shop
A social campaign and pop-up project that encourages young students to exercise their creativity!
El Toro Feroz
A collection of narrative data visualizations representing the stresses and ferocities undergone by Ferdinand in the children's book, Ferdinand the Bull.
Cosmicomics Title Sequence
A playful title sequence created for Italo Calvino's novel Cosmicomics.
Excelsior Analysis
A poster series representing the linguistic structure of Excelsior, a poem by Henry Wadsworth-Longfellow, in three different ways. The poem's grammatical information was synthesized by word frequency, word length, and emotional tone.
A photographic publication that documents the spring break trip of five best friends.
Explaining the Galaxy
A series of posters explaining all sorts of stuff about outer space, from classifying its smallest chunks to breaking down its largest layers.
Hatch Show Print Internship
A collection of posters I designed and printed for various clients during my internship at Hatch Show Print.
Powerful Moments Infographic
A visualization of the most influential moments, objects and theories I can recall in my life, mapped chronologically and connected by how they influence my lifestyle, my design and my personal philosophies.
POSE Residency Collaboration
A collaboration between legendary street artist Pose and the students in my Globe Poster Remix class.
Vasarely Week Ephemera
A redesign of the promotional ephemera for Vasarely Week in New York NY, 1984.
Manifesto Poster Series
A series of hand-printed, one-of-a-kind posters about what motivates my design practice.
Reverse Mitosis
A screenprinted stop-motion animation and series of prints that attempts to bring 3-dimensionality to the 2-dimensional realms of the screen and the page.
A Goal Attainable Only in Infinity
A book compares essays written by three typographers on their conflicting opinions on the fundamental nature of typography.
A public service announcement: Hangovers build character.
Devil's Triangle Publication
An elaborative conglomeration of scientific evidence and shocking statistics proposing the existence of one of the worlds most elusive terrors: the Bermuda Triangle.
Decipher Animation
An animation that slowly deciphers a hidden message about just what it means to decipher.
Hands-On House Identity
An fun identity-refresh for The Hands-On House, a children's museum that encourages the importance of discovery and play.
Space Thea
An short animation depicting what's at the center of the universe, according to Copernicus.