When I first came to college, I wrote down what motivated my work at the time. Recently, after three years, I sat down with this essay. Despite how much my work has changed, many of the same fundamental principles inform my process now that did when I was young. In response, I created Manifesto, a hand-printed poster series. 

I set a particular section of my writing in metal and wood type and letterpress printed several copies. Then, I used colored ink to illustrate each poster individually. Those two mediums represent the challenges I still face today when trying to successfully merge my affinity for systematic structure with my love of the fine arts and craft.

“Chaos dictates that I will never succeed in perfectly balancing my need for systematic fluency with the inherent life and breath of art that begs to be manifested. Whenever the two clash, the paradox that proceeds allows me to produce my most strikingly well-crafted and intensely emotional work. ... In the end, it is that loss of control that teaches us how to understand and create paradox, allowing us to act on our own behalf.”