As documented above, the events in my life carrying the strongest influence are as follows:

born to two creative parents 
learn who Pablo Picasso is 
become an over-thinker 
Move to Lancaster, PA 
Dad teaches me how to lucid dream 

join the gifted program 
become a perfectionist 
watch Aquamarine everyday after school 
Hans Herr Elem.’s Most Outstanding 5th Grade Artist 
Dad takes me and the girls to market every weekend 

fall in love with the coast 
exist as a middle school lame-O 
start skateboarding 
buy the giant pack of Sharpies 
have my confirmation 
stop practicing Catholicism 

drive Ava to school every day 
Mom makes me and Ava a country mix CD 
begin to understand the importance of nutrition 
prioritize fitness 
body image continues to fluctuate 
become a Zumiez employee 
stand up on a surfboard 
become more confident 
date a boy on the football team 
come up with my current Instagram handle
dream way too much about flying 
start following outer space innovations/theories
learn that I can really paint 
gradually acquire confidence 
develop Mom’s semi-neurotic tendencies 
apply to 5 schools for mathematics
apply to 3 schools for linguistics
decide to go to art school 
kiss my best friend, changing everything

indefinitely borrow Mom’s 35mm camera 
move to Baltimore, MD and start attending MICA 
quickly learn how offensive it is to say “that’s gay” 
start cooking for myself 
realize sketching in pen is better 
Dad gives my Grandpa’s necklace 
do my first big graffiti piece 
start those weird, spacey doodles 
my work becomes incredibly intricate 
notice Mom’s design style in my work 
finish a sketchbook 
follow a Joy’s classical music playlist 
Dad’s smart-assery gets him in trouble
I realize my parents aren’t perfect 
learn to appreciate self-forgetfulness 
self-identify as “the paradox box” 
begin to practice balance in my life 
finish my first bottle of wine 
make drawings inspired by space and nature 
take a letterpress workshop 
switch major from painting to graphic design 
intern at Globe Collection and Press 
appreciate the unpredictability of ink 
crave tactility in my graphic design 
make a book about the Devil’s Triangle 
follow Felipe Pantone on Instagram 
discover La Boca 
start working with bright colors 
help Tristan screenprint a few t-shirts 
become friends with Isabel and Nicole 
first official (and terrible) freelance job 
read Cosmicomics 
swear by efficiency and fluency 
become aware of my own lucidity 
discover I believe in determinism 
accept my finiteness 
take a sign painting workshop 
make a screen printed stop-motion animation
download the NPR One app 
Sophie finishes carving her own longbow 
discover Tind. 
buy a Steven Harrington postcard book 
attend West Point’s 500th Night Gala with Alex 
start writing letters again 
begin to consider grad school for political science 
Matt ghosts me
create and execute a creative campaign for students 
appreciate design + community engagement 
end an unhealthy friendship 
sell my first series of prints
go on spring break with good friends 
Nathan helps me discover Jim Croce 
have the most stressful semester I’ve felt yet 
first true struggle with depression 
decide to live with my best friends 
turned down last minute by a dream job
Ava graduates and moves to North Carolina 
the family adopts the puppies, Bo and Sawyer 
read The Unbearable Lightness of Being 
understand vertigo with regard to my life
develop faith in the power of inertia 
Sophie learns how to throw machetes 
move to temporarily Nashville, TN 
stay at a youth hostel for a week 
intern at Hatch Show Print 
get a membership at Climb Nashville 
buy a weaving kit 
go to Honky Tonk Tuesday at the American Legion
discover Noosa yogurt, my new favorite snack
listen to a podcast about temporal locality 
enroll in an information visualization class
re-watch baby tapes with Mom 
remember how much I like the Bryan Setzer Orchestra 
subscribe to Anorak magazine 
meet this cool guy, Sean—who knows, right?

* Update: As of 2020, Sean is just a friend...